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Sharp Bets Big on WiSA Wireless Audio: $5k Hi-Res Audio Player Aimed at A/V Pros
Sharp Electronics urges custom integrators and manufacturers to tap WiSA-enabled wireless-audio ecosystem; preps 7.1-channel high resolution audio (HRA) ‘universal…
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#TBT: Inside a 165-Foot Yacht’s Automation, A/V Install
Owners of this luxury yacht have a concealed Middle Atlantic rack that houses Crestron and Kaleidescape to deliver A/V and automation goods on the high seas.
Sharp Bets Big on WiSA Wireless Audio: $5k Hi-Res Audio Player Aimed at A/V Pros
Learn the ABCs of DACs
Hands On Review: Bluesound Wireless Audiophile Music System
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Creative Disruption Continues: The End of CE Retail Is Here
By Chuck Schneider. Consumer electronics brick-and-mortar retail is officially on the eve of destruction, but it might actually be good news for custom electronics integrators.
Integrators Vent Emotions about Lack of Company Value
By Jason Knott. With all the focus on RMR, integrators are expressing frustration about why the market chooses to only place value on integration businesses with recurring revenue streams while ignoring other metrics.
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tom hall (Posted on 04/23/14, 12:44 PM)
If you really want to do the business that is “Integration”, then take Richard’s words to heart.  There is a new model that is happening but no one talks about: Distributors are the new dealers!  With this model, integrators…
Ernie Gilman (Posted on 04/23/14, 12:41 PM)
Julie wrote “Distributors likely have better RMA policies than manufacturers.”  That speaks to the policies we installers see, not the policies between distributors and manufacturers. Occasionally you’ll hear…
Jeff Myatt (Posted on 04/23/14, 12:35 PM)
Good luck my friend!  Good luck to Stewart too.  Big shoes to fill!
Martha Brooke (Posted on 04/23/14, 12:33 PM)
Wow! Best to you Joaquin, may your transition be smooth, as your “luck” has already been hard earned over the years! Cheers to you!
Dave Donald (Posted on 04/23/14, 12:30 PM)
Joaquin will rock it just like he has for a decade and a half at Stewart. All the best my friend!
Julie Jacobson (Posted on 04/23/14, 12:25 PM)
haha, admit it Kevin ... you’re hoping for someone a little softer on you. Joaquin doesn’t miss a beat!
Kevin Klotzbach (Posted on 04/23/14, 11:36 AM)
I will miss working with Joaquin at Stewart, but look forward to sharing rep thoughts and ideas with him.  Joaquin is a smart and driven man who will succeed at everything he puts his mind to. I do intend to make his last days…
Mr. Stanley (Posted on 04/23/14, 10:59 AM)
Hmmm 25% margin on some items? Are these major components or accessories, such as cables connectors or brackets? While I agree with most of your points, a lot of small one and two man operations simply don’t have the wherre with…
Kevin (Posted on 04/23/14, 10:38 AM)
Julie I understand you know this person how ever there are parts of his story that show he didn’t research things properly. I respect everyones right to an opinion, in this case here, his story has some issues and its upsetting to see…
Julie Jacobson (Posted on 04/23/14, 09:46 AM)
I think you missed the point, Kevin, and it’s quite insulting that you would suggest Leon didn’t do his research on this product. He is the most hands-on-tech dealer I know and has intimate knowledge of all the streaming boxes…
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