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Nortek’s Core Brands Rebuilds SpeakerCraft, Stresses ‘Heritage Brands’
Core Brands president Joe Roberts discusses revitalization of SpeakerCraft, Niles, Elan; stresses return to heritage as a ‘service company.’
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A Solar Powered Dummy Camera?!
By Julie Jacobson. SecurityMan adds solar power to make dumb surveillance camera look smarter.
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Barry S (Posted on 03/06/15, 12:08 PM)
Meanwhile they lost something like $20 million last year, sales are rapidly declining and losses are rapidly increasing on an annual basis. These on paper shells of what were once great brands are nearly insignificant in the industry now.…
tednunn33 (Posted on 03/06/15, 10:05 AM)
I do not know how badly the Onkyo product has been in the past. However, I have demonstrated the 636 in Dolby Atmos mode,transporting it to and from a harsh environment. I have had no troubles with it. The 636 offers the lowest entry point…
Julie Jacobson (Posted on 03/06/15, 09:36 AM)
Burton, your comment snuck through the censors and I’m going to delete it but first ... that was funny!
Julie Jacobson (Posted on 03/06/15, 07:52 AM)
I was hoping you’d catch that, Ernie.
Ernie Gilman (Posted on 03/05/15, 09:25 PM)
If decent people implement a system that can be horribly misused by indecent people without the misuse even being knowable, when should this potential problem be recognized? I’d say at the beginning. Sure, this is an overreaction…
Hamish (Posted on 03/05/15, 08:25 PM)
This is just a short-term problem.  Very soon the processors in CE devices will be quite capable of performing speech recognition, removing the need to record & transmit conversations to a third party. A bigger concern however…
Chad (Posted on 03/05/15, 08:20 PM)
Yes you can find lots of other complaints about other brands from a cross section of consumers, however a LOT of these complaints stem from improper connection, equipment compatibility or other user errors. you are seeing a 1-1 ratio. from…
John Nemesh (Posted on 03/05/15, 04:46 PM)
The Onkyo TX-NR609 I purchased was the very first piece of electronics where I said “YES!  It’s finally broken!” I could not WAIT to get this out of my system.  From it’s sub-par audio performance,…
Frank (Posted on 03/04/15, 04:05 PM)
I agree with Steven.  Home security companies are largely dependent on the fear and paranoia of consumers.  And they know how to tap into that fear, with marketing messages centered around “protecting your family”.…
Charlie (Posted on 03/04/15, 11:20 AM)
D. Cohen and Robert Archer. Post a survey on here for Onkyo specific HDMI issues for dealers. Ill bet you a crappy Cedia Convention Center lunch its over 90%. NAD same rate different probs. Same old same though, Reps and Industry…
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