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CE Pro Announces Winners of 6th Annual BEST Awards
Awards recognize the most noteworthy new products and technologies for 2014, to be presented at CEDIA Expo 2014.
CEDIA 2014
Conference & Expo
Sept. 10-13, 2014
Colorado Convention Ctr
Denver, CO USA

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Dropcam Who? This 720-Degree DIY Camera Puts All the Others to Shame
Commercial CCTV company IC Realtime to launch its first DIY products: 360- and 720-degree cameras with category-leading feature set, unprecedented software, home…
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4 Real Takeaways from Sony Keynote at CEDIA Expo 2014
Sony President and COO Mike Fasulo brings a message of industry cooperation with CEDIA from manufacturers, the music industry and the film industry. Also, HRA and HDR evolution will…
URC Dealers in the Lurch after Control4 Acquisition of Extra Vegetables
Origin Acoustics at CEDIA Expo 2014: Jeremy Burkhardt is Ba-ack
Q&A: Crestron CTO Fred Bargetzi Explains Pyng
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Strutting Their Stuff at CEDIA: TiVo Mega, GoRave Wireless Audio Streaming and More
By Richard Fregosa. TiVo, Steinway Lyngdorf, GoRave, Rachio among companies previewing products at CEDIA Expo 2014.
Origin Acoustics at CEDIA Expo 2014: Jeremy Burkhardt is Ba-ack
By Richard Fregosa. Origin Acoustics to bring over 200 products to market, including "The Original," and will reveal them at CEDIA Expo 2014.
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Memo to You Call that Home Automation?
Warning: Your Employment Ad Could be Against the Law
How to Climb Out of the Trunkslamming Rut
You Heard it Here First: This is Crestron Pyng
Two Holes in the Wall, One Shattered Vizio: Write Your Own Caption
AMX, CASA, a Playhouse called ‘Seas the Day’ & Jeff Kindig in Life Jacket
JJ Changes Tune: Smart Bulbs Not So Stupid After All
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mikalos (Posted on 09/15/14, 02:13 AM)
This sounds great but . . . what does 720 degrees mean? Since the view after a 360 degree pan starts repeating, what is the difference between the two cameras?
Tom Pardini (Posted on 09/14/14, 01:05 AM)
Never called them liars, never called them thieves. The negotiations between URC and C4 (if any) were none of my doing. I purchased product and service from them with some basic understanding of support for my (our) clients in…
Julie Jacobson (Posted on 09/13/14, 11:56 PM)
Tom, yes, I was quite surprised by the tone, which is what led me to wonder if there was an explanation for the uncharacteristically terse notice. Will get the details from URC.
lbaltz (Posted on 09/13/14, 10:38 PM)
Really?  Speakercraft invented this market? Certainly a solid company but I was involved in custom A/V with in-wall speakers long before Speakercraft was formed. As usual I am feeling that advertisers are getting the Lion’s…
Mac Burks (Posted on 09/13/14, 04:13 PM)
Assuming that what i read at RC is accurate (Existing EV customers who purchased licenses for URC cant access their accounts anymore)... Who cares what went on between URC and AV or C4? The integrators did business with EV. If…
John Dorsey (Posted on 09/13/14, 10:44 AM)
OK. I agree my comments might be premature BUT Control 4 painted the picture. An announcement from Control 4 expressing some regret for putting me and others in the position we are in would have been appropriate. As it is, the situation reminds…
Julie Jacobson (Posted on 09/13/14, 03:18 AM)
Folks, there are many sides to every story. We have no idea how this decision was made. For all we know, they did all they could to negotiate with URC and couldn’t come to an agreement. I have no idea what went down, but I think it’s…
Eyal Kattan (Posted on 09/13/14, 02:01 AM)
Yikes! I am not a legal expert but this smells like a good candidate for class action. There are many cases in history where a company that was aquired by another comoany was forced to continue support for a discontinued products.…
johndorsey (Posted on 09/12/14, 09:23 PM)
Bad Karma. Will do no one any good. Cynical. Bad faith. Theft.
Stephen Gilstrap (Posted on 09/12/14, 06:46 PM)
That’s awesome! Even though it’s DIY, I could sell it for a lot more than what they said. I love the way the navigation with the cameras works. Wonder if they have outdoor cameras that can be controlled the same way?
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