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Futurist Michael Rogers: 7 Predictions for the High-Tech Living Room
What will the living room look like in the coming years? NYT's futurist-in-residence and CEDIA Expo 2015 keynote speaker, Michael A. Rogers, opines on the near-future…
CEDIA 2015
Conference & Expo
October 14-17, 2015
Kay Bailey Hutchison
Convention Center
Dallas, Texas USA

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Nest Exposes ‘Weave’ Home Automation Protocol, Opens Camera API, Plans World Domination
For the first time, Nest is sharing its proprietary RF home automation protocol Weave for local integration without the cloud; also opening API for Nest Cam, but…
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Preview of New Audio Products at CEDIA Expo 2015
Products from Primacoustic, Paradigm, Bryston, Phase Tech, KEF, Origin and Torus represent the many solutions that fit today’s install market.
Behind the Scenes at Family-Owned Metra Electronics
New Sonos Trueplay Software is EQ for Dummies; A Crestron Driver for CEDIA?
CEDIA Scoop: White Rabbit Security & Home Automation Hub: A Patent on User Awareness?
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What Defines 5-Star Service?
By Joseph Kolchinsky. Standards of what makes for excellent service shouldn’t vary from one industry to the next. An integrator's service should be equivalent to a hotel concierge.
Time to Dump ‘Installer’ or ‘Technician’ Job Titles
By Jason Knott. I propose changing the lexicon to eliminate the terms 'installer' and 'technician' from job classifications and help wanted ads if we want to attract top, young talent to the custom integration industry. 'Specialist,' 'network engineer,' 'tech specialist' and 'engineer' are more apropos job titles.
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Julie Jacobson (Posted on 10/03/15, 10:01 AM)
Brent McCall would win the Integrators’ Choice award.
Dennis Manu (Posted on 10/02/15, 09:26 PM)
Will device/silicon folk be enthusiastic about supporting this whole heartedly and in effect tie their growth to the whims of Google??? A look at the Android/mobile phone manufacturers relationship (then and now) will be instructive. …
Rick Murphy (Posted on 10/02/15, 07:01 PM)
Nice feature!  It’s nice to see the good guys succeeding.
Michael Vic (Posted on 10/02/15, 04:52 PM)
Why do we need UL for testing of HDMI Cable? It will only increase cost of manufacturing on a commodity product and hence higher costs to dealers. I don’t have any issues with Key Digital HDMI cables, have been buying them for years.…
Fred Harding (Posted on 10/02/15, 04:50 PM)
Brent is an invaluable resource to the industry.  Support those who support you! Brent, is that worth dinner at the next trade show?
Mitchell Klein (Posted on 10/02/15, 03:57 PM)
OK here’s some valuable information: Weave is an IP solution and Z-Wave has an IP layer (ZIP) that enables a gateway to communicate with ALL Z-Wave products. SO - that Z-Wave dimmer you installed LAST YEAR will be compatible…
Greg C (Posted on 10/02/15, 02:56 PM)
The folks at Metra/Ethereal are the best. When it comes to HDMI products they are our only source other than Crestron DM switchs. Brent is an incredible wealth of knowledge in our field, even if he does drive a girly Miata…  I…
Steve McNally (Posted on 10/02/15, 10:04 AM)
I haven’t found much information regarding IR control of the Gen4 ATV, but this article implies that the previous generation IR codes will, in fact, control the Gen4.…
dB (Posted on 10/01/15, 10:57 PM)
3rd party IP drivers any better or perfected in this new model?
39CentStamp (Posted on 10/01/15, 08:32 PM)
Here is the problem…no two clients/integrators/ projects are the same. What one person cares about doesn’t matter to anyone else. ccolwell mentions no hard or capacitive buttons as a negative. This is a positive for me.…
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