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Spotlight on Audio
Spotlight on Audio
Learn the ABCs of DACs
What's a DAC and why do you need one? Take a peek at this popular audio product category.
Ultimate Guide to Freestanding Speakers
In this Ultimate Guide, you will find some of the latest speaker products to hit the market.
Presented by Totem Acoustics
Why is Azione Dissin’ on Distribution?
Richard Glikes, leader of the Azione dealer network, provides 5 great business tips for integrators, but errs in telling dealers to avoid distribution.
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#TBT: Inside a 165-Foot Yacht’s Automation, A/V Install
Owners of this luxury yacht have a concealed Middle Atlantic rack that houses Crestron and Kaleidescape to deliver A/V and automation goods on the high seas.
Learn the ABCs of DACs
Hands On Review: Bluesound Wireless Audiophile Music System
#TBT: 44 In-Wall and In-Ceiling Loudspeakers
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Creative Disruption Continues: The End of CE Retail Is Here
By Chuck Schneider. Consumer electronics brick-and-mortar retail is officially on the eve of destruction, but it might actually be good news for custom electronics integrators.
Integrators Vent Emotions about Lack of Company Value
By Jason Knott. With all the focus on RMR, integrators are expressing frustration about why the market chooses to only place value on integration businesses with recurring revenue streams while ignoring other metrics.
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Why is Azione Dissin’ on Distribution?
Don’t Use ‘White House Down’ for Client Demos
Does Anyone (Else) Care About Security Dealers?
How Much Does It Really Cost to Build a New Home?
Dear Dealer, Do It Yourself
British Investors Aim to Take Over Custom Market
Excuse the Pun, Have the Loudness Wars Peaked?
Tear Down the McMansion, All Hail the McMunchkin Home… with No Electronics?
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Julie Jacobson (Posted on 04/22/14, 07:28 PM)
I think Joaquin will forever change the rep landscape. Go get ‘em!
Matt Lien (Posted on 04/22/14, 07:20 PM)
Wow!  End of an era at Stewart.  Best of luck to you Joaquin.  I have no doubt you will be a huge success!
Julie Jacobson (Posted on 04/22/14, 05:02 PM)
Thanks, David and Morgan. It’s definitely a mixed bag. Only a very small handful of integrators participate in buying groups, David. Clearly they enjoy better direct relationships than the rest of dealers. I don’t suggest…
Morgan Harman (Posted on 04/22/14, 03:58 PM)
It is absolutely a case by case decision.  And even at that - two different integrators may be best off with two different decisions about the same line.  That’s the beauty of any market - there isn’t a one solution…
Matt (Posted on 04/22/14, 01:53 PM)
... Wow TDJ pretty Sensitive Subject. In my area a Builder wont even look at you if you can’t do Central Vacuum or alarm. They want one single contractor/partner to handle the Low Voltage Systems and some how Vacuum in under that category.…
Jason Knott (Posted on 04/22/14, 12:51 PM)
TDJ—Certainly you are correct that you cannot do everything. If central vacuum is a stretch for your business, you certainly shouldn’t take it on. But it’s not like I am recommending you start doing granite countertops or…
D. Cohen (Posted on 04/22/14, 12:47 PM)
I am not so sure that Richard is that far off base here Julie. There is some middle ground to his advise, even if some feel the math about a distributor’s margin is off. Many of the Azione member brands fully embrace just-in-time…
TDJ (Posted on 04/22/14, 12:22 PM)
With all due respect to Jason and the potential profits of central vac, there comes a point at which an electronics integrator has to just say NO!  It’s like I say to builders sometimes when they ask me about this topic.  I ask…
paulcunningham (Posted on 04/22/14, 10:28 AM)
If you have the square footage and the cash to dedicate it as clean demo space that’s great. I’ve found that a lot of guys starting out on their own or smaller established companies with any success generally have a minimal…
Mr. Stanley (Posted on 04/22/14, 09:22 AM)
This could be an opportunity to get back into 2 channel high end GOOD sounding stuff again~instead of McMamsion systems that are overly complex and using medium to poor sounding ceiling speakers in homes that are mostly grandiose wasted…
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