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Thursday, September 20, 2012

image Ever since the movie industry rebooted the 3D format the electronics industry has been working hard to make sure that consumers can combine their 2D and 3D viewing experiences within a single system. The latest screen solution from the Mesa, Ariz.-based screen company Severtson Screens is the newest product introduced onto the market that is engineered to ensure that residential and business owners can enjoy the best 2D and 3D viewing experience.

The company's new SeVision 3D GX "Micro Perf" screen is a made-in-the-U.S.A. product that incorporates its PristiVue technology that Severtson says enables users to see what a movie's director originally intended them to see in the theater. The 2.4-gain, curved, perforated silver screen can be used for traditional 2D content, as well as passive 3D content, and according to Severtson, the SeVision 3D GX "Micro Perf" screen is also a green friendly product because of its water-based, lacquer-free optical coating.

Severtson says that electronics professionals can order the screen in a variety of configurations, and it adds the screen material can used for consumer and commercial applications.

Monday, September 17, 2012

image JVC Professional is one of the most popular and most aggressive manufacturers in the entire projector category. During the just completed CEDIA Expo in Indianapolis the company did what it always does: it updated its line of home theater projectors.

At the annual trade event JVC Professional announced its new line of projectors which features five new products, including the DLA-RS56 which falls in just below the company's flagship DLA-RS66 projector. The DLA-RS56 features an updated version of the company's e-shift technology which upscales 2K video content to 4K resolutions, and in addition to its Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) certification, the projector, along with the other models is pending THX 3D certification. JVC Professional has also improved the projector's contrast ratio and says the unit is able to produce a native contrast level of 90,000:1.

JVC has also addressed the product line's 3D video capabilities by adding RF-based active-shutter technologies, and it says the projectors also includes new circuit designs and optical engines that eliminate 3D crosstalk.

Friday, September 14, 2012

image The latest television mount from Sanus is the company's new VMT35 tilting mount. Sanus says the mount is engineered to accommodate HDTVs ranging from 26 inches to 40 inches in screen size and weighing up to 80 pounds.

From the installer perspective, some of the mount's key features include the VMT35's ability to mount into a single or dual stud wall environment, and the company's ProSet Technology which enables installers to adjust the mount's height and level once it is hung on a wall.

The popular mount company adds that homeowners will appreciate the mount's ability to let them laterally slide their mounted TV left or right to improve their viewing angles, as well as its ability to easily tilt their TVs through the its inclusion of the company's Virtual Axis technology.

Monday, July 30, 2012

image Since the demise of the new housing market, the opportunity for electronics professionals to install video in the home has shifted away from expensive large home theaters to affordable, multipurpose rooms that get everyday family use.

BenQ's new EP5920 projector is a solution designed to address those affordable, multi-use scenarios in which families watch TV, game and movies on a regular basis with one singular A/V system. The native 1080p projector utilizes a DLP chipset and it incorporates two HDMI 1.3 inputs and internal processing modes for cinema and gaming applications. BenQ says the projector is engineered to produce high brightness and contrast levels to enable the projector's use in room environments that feature various levels of ambient light.

In addition to its inclusion of multiple HDMI inputs, the EP5920 also includes D-sub, composite, S-video, component, audio in/out mini jack, USB and RS-232 connections.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

image Back during the days of CRT televisions, size was always an issue with homeowners. CRT-based TVs were big, heavy and simply not attractive, and these facts along with the reality of television being just one activity that people took part in at home meant that people weren't concerned with the size of their TV screens.

Since the late 1990s when the flat-panel TV market first launched, and the subsequent roll out of HD video, screen sizes have become increasingly bigger. Sharp's latest television the new AQUOS LED LC-90LE745U HDTV takes the screen size topic to a whole new level. The HDTV offers homeowners a 90-inch diagonal screen size at a depth of less than five inches. Sharp says the 141-pound TV stands nearly 4-feet tall and it spans more than 6.5-feet in width. The 1080p AQUOS LED LC-90LE745U HDTV incorporates technologies such as active 3D and the company's proprietary AquoMotion 240Hz motion processing technology to help the TV produce a smooth and vivid image in 2D and 3D.

Sharp also includes its AQUOS Advantage LIVE service which it provides to consumers that purchase any of its Wi-Fi-enabled products. Sharp says this service automatically connects to customer service representatives to help them with any question or issue they have with the product.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

image Before it entered the market a few years ago the Berkeley, Calif.-based video manufacturer Wolf Cinema wanted to examine some of the most common problems that affect the quality of home cinema in order to better serve its dealers' ability to meet their clients needs.

What Wolf found was that many projectors didn't have proper ventilation and that many consumers didn't care for the aesthetics of having a projector with an external lens. What the company did in turn was to develop a full line of products that incorporates provisions for proper cooling and a unique approach to anamorphic aspect ratios. Building upon that foundation Wolf Cinema recently updated its product line through the introduction of two new flagship products: The REF-700 and the REF-1000. These new products are powered by Cermax Xenon arc lamps, three-chip DLP light engines, and the Central California company offers a choice of six of its VariScope lens solutions.

The projectors can be used for 3D and traditional 2D, and to ensure the products produce smooth looking and vivid 3D graphics the projectors incorporate triple-flash 3D imaging technologies. The projectors also incorporate IR and RS-232 options, nearfield IR emitters, and Wolf ships the projectors with four pairs of 3D glasses.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

image The Italian video manufacturer SIM2 has always approached the high-performance video market a little differently than its competition. Some of the ways the company has gone about things a little differently include its emphasis on industrial design and its use of proprietary light engine designs.

SIM2's latest product, the NERO 3D projector incorporates many of the company's recent flagship technology developments in a package that brings the price of ownership down tens of thousands of dollars. The NERO features Texas Instruments' (TI) single-chip DLP technologies along with SIM2's ALPHAPATH light engine design and high-quality optical glass lenses to provide homeowners with a high-performance video solution.

The unit also incorporates active 3D technologies, SIM2's PureMovie, PureMotion and PureMotion 3D 120Hz video processing technologies, a choice of inputs, and a choice of custom installation calibration options. In addition, the Italian manufacturer says the unit is capable of producing brightness levels up to 2,000 lumens to facilitate its installation in great room/media room environments.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

image Those authorized Seura dealers will want to forget the old Reo Speedwagon song and instead think about the Mark Wahlberg movie from the early 1990s "The Perfect Storm" when evaluating the company's latest product release.

The Wisconsin-based company's new Storm line of outdoor LCD HDTVs is engineered to provide installers with the ability to put up more points than Seura's home town Aaron Rogers' led offense. The line offers a choice of three products: a 42 inch, a 47 inch and a 55 inch model, and each of these HDTVs are designed to withstand temperatures as cold as -30 degrees and temperatures as hot as 140 degrees. The weatherproof televisions employ waterproofing techniques based on concepts developed in the automotive industry and the products are said to produce brightness ratings as high as 700cd/m2, which Seura says is more than enough to view a television in a bright environment.

Seura says the televisions have a full array of connectivity options and they also incorporate the company's exclusive Activ cooling technologies, as well as its LuminOptics anti screen glare technologies that minimize screen glare in bright environments.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

image Panasonic is one of the largest consumer electronics companies in the entire world, and in the world of home video, it is also one of the most aggressive companies.

Showing its leadership in the home video category and more specifically the television category, the company recently announced some of its 2012 new products. Augmenting its ST50, UT50 and XT50 plasma television lines, as well as its E50, ET5, E5 and X5 LED television series, the company says the LED models will feature two new screen sizes: 47 inches and 55 inches, and both the plasma and LED products will feature enhancements to Panasonic's Connect1 Internet platform. Highlighting some of the improvements its made to its plasma products, Panasonic says its Viera HDTVs will feature improved black levels, faster image processing response times, more 3D options and more intuitive Internet apps.

The new LED products will incorporate Panasonic's IPS LED panel technology, wider viewing angles, improved image processing, including a focus on reduced crosstalk and higher contrast ratios. All of the TVs offer a choice of connections and screen sizes to accommodate a variety of home spaces and budget considerations.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

image As flat-panel TVs have become more affordable, the public has become more intoxicated with larger screen sizes. simultaneously while all this was happening the manufacturing community increased the performance of its products to provide consumers with an array of high-value product choices.

Sharp's newly announced 6-Series of LED televisions is a good example of the great screen size/value proposition that currently exists in the market as it provides consumers with a choice of three screen sizes and convenient entertainment options. The line includes the 52-inch LC-52LE640U, the 60-inch LC-60LE640U, and the 70-inch LC-70LE640U television. Internally the televisions incorporate Sharp's high-performance AQUOS LCD panel, edge lit LED backlighting, the company's 120Hz Fine Motion Enhanced image processing and its new narrow bezel industrial design.

In addition, the televisions also offer, multiple HDMI inputs, built-in Wi-Fi connectivity and access to the company's SmartCentral user interface, which includes some of Sharp's most popular apps.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

image The audio company MK Sound has developed one of the most loyal dealer bases in the entire consumer electronics industry.

Not too long ago the company added to its product line to further help its loyal dealer base to meet their clients' needs through the introduction of its 950 Series of freestanding loudspeakers. MK says the new speaker line is positioned to sit between its 150 loudspeaker series and its 750 series of products, and the line includes a choice of bookshelf and floorstanding models that are currently undergoing testing for THX Select2 certification. MK says the speakers draw upon the engineering of its professional line of monitors that are used for audio mixing purposes, and they are engineered to address a variety of home theater applications.

Aesthetically the speakers feature metal mesh grilles and cabinets with soft-radius edges that are designed to provide homeowners with a softly sculpted physical appearance.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

image It may be cold in most parts of the country right now, but that doesn't mean that American homeowners aren't thinking about the spring, summer and fall seasons.

For homeowners thinking of remodeling their homes with the addition of electronics, one of the most enticing options is an outdoor A/V system. SunBrite's new Signature Line of outdoor HDTVs facilitate these homeowner dreams without tapping out their respective bank accounts. The newly announced line features a choice of three screen sizes: the 32-inch SB-3260HD, the 46-inch SB-4660HD and the 55-inch SB-5560HD models.

SunBrite says the TVs are engineered to withstand the environmental conditions of outdoor placement with features that include anti-glare screens and ASA outdoor-rated resin enclosures that are designed to protect the TVs' internal components from moisture, rain, dust, snow, insects and temperatures that range from 10 below zero, all the way up to 122 degrees. Other features built into the products include water-tight cable-entry channels, multi-fan airflow systems and a choice of black or silver finishes.

Friday, February 03, 2012

image Runco has established its top level, 73d projector as arguably one best performing 3D projectors in the entire residential market. The company's latest projector, the newly announced LS-12d maintains many of the 73d's performance characteristics, but at price levels that are considerably lower than its flagship product.

The LS-12d is an active-shutter, three-chip DLP projector that Runco says can be used situations in which homeowners want a high-performance projector that aesthetically doesn't detract from their home's interior design. To ensure the projector's visual compatibility with today's modern home designs, Runco dresses the projector with its LightStyle industrial design and backs it with its FinishPalette color program that allows consumers a full choice of exterior color choices.

Runco ships the LS-12d projector with is 2U outboard DC-300 controller unit, which provides authorized installers with a convenient means to setup and calibrate the projector, and three pairs of active-shutter 3D glasses.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

image With 2011 in the record books it's interesting that the zest for 3D isn't quite as high as it was about a year ago, but that doesn't mean that 3D is going away.

Over the past few months an increasing number of manufacturers have started to support the format by introducing new products that deliver 3D at more reasonable price points. Sharp has been a leader in the movement to bring mainstream consumers options in affordable 3D projection products and the company's latest product the XV-30000 front projector continues the company's emphasis on real big-screen 3D at reasonable price points. The XV-30000 is a DLP-based projector that is said to produce contrast ratios as high as 50,000:1 and brightness levels up to 1,600 ANSI lumens. Facilitating its custom installation capabilities are its center lens shift and vertical and horizontal shift functions. The unit also incorporates provisions for AMX, Control4, Crestron, RS-232C and LAN network control, as well as a resize option (V-stretch) that is designed to support CinemaScope (2.39:1) content in the correct aspect ratio.

In addition, the projector comes with two sets of active 3D glasses, companion IR emitter, IR connection cables and two HDMI inputs.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

image Premier Mounts is shipping the CMF, a fixed cable mount featuring the MagnaGuide installation plate.

The patent-pending MagnaGuide installation plate allows the cable adapter to snap onto the back plate and slide into place. This makes it easy for the installer to secure the flat-panel in the right position without having to see where the mounting base is located on the wall. The kickstand feature holds the flat-panel up to 4.28 inches away from the wall to allow room to connect A/V components.

The V-shaped 6 × 3 in. back plate mounts on a single stud and is designed to hold flat-panel displays up to 65 lb. with a VESA mounting pattern ranging from 200 × 200mm to 600 × 400mm. The four flat-panel anchors are installed to the back of the display.

To adjust the tension, the cables are pulled until tight and the excess is wrapped around the adapter’s teeth to hold it in place. The self-adjusting cable mount holds the display close to the wall while the teeth ensure that the cables are out of the way.

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