Independent Audit Shows 177,393 CES 2016 Attendees

By Jason Knott · June 30, 2016 • CES 2016 has record audited attendance with 177,393 professionals, a 1% growth over the previous year despite CTA's efforts to curb overall attendance with registration fees for the first time.

$39K, 302lb B&O BeoLab 90 Loudspeaker Is Mind-Blowing in Every Way

By Jason Knott · February 2, 2016 • Unveiled at CES 2016, the Bang & Olufsen (B&O) BeoLab 90 loudspeaker stands 4-feet tall, weighs 302 pounds and might be one of the most unique speaker designs ever. The 360-degree speaker has no visual 'front' and can change its audio dispersion.

New! Ultimate (Searchable) Guide to Home Automation at CES 2016, 100+ Pages

By Julie Jacobson · February 1, 2016 • 100+ pages of home automation, IoT, security and the smart home right here, with full text of the presentation. (Julie Jacobson / CE Pro)

No More Sony 4K Home Theater Projector Monopoly: TI 4K UHD Chipset Finally Hits Market

By Jason Knott · January 27, 2016 • Texas Instruments 4K DLP UHD chipset finally debuts to enable companies like DPI, Christie, Barco, SIM2, Panasonic, Optoma and other projector manufacturers to get into the 4K delivery game.

Like Father, Like Son: CES 2016 from the Eyes of a 13-year-old Geek

By Benjamin Rosenthal · January 26, 2016 • Ben Rosenthal got the Bar Mitzvah gift of his dreams: a romp through CES 2016 with his father Avi Rosenthal, 2016 CTA TechHome Leadership Award recipient.

Post-CES 2016 Report: Emerging Trends in Home Automation

By Julie Jacobson · January 26, 2016 • Mobile IoT, network security and IoT device discovery, energy harvesting and professional security monitoring emerged as key emerging trends in the smart home at CES 2016. (Julie Jacobson / CE Pro)

Amped Wireless ATHENA-R2 Wi-Fi Range Extenders Covers up to 15,000-Square Feet

By Robert Archer · January 22, 2016 • Introduced at CES 2016, Amped's new High Power MU-MIMO range extender and router feature 16 high-power amps.

HP Merges Consumer Style & Business Functionality with New EliteBooks

By Robert Archer · January 21, 2016 • Since more users are utilizing web-based services, HP is responding by offering a greater choice of notebook and convertible PCs that offer powerful battery life and convenient new features.

weBoost Unveils Plug-and-Play $349 Cell Phone Signal Booster

By Jason Knott · January 20, 2016 • Using a Faraday Cage in its booth at CES 2016, Wilson Electronics' consumer brand weBoost launched the eqo at CES 2016, a sleek plug-and-play cellphone signal booster that covers 1,200 square feet in a home.

Video: Check Out Dish Hopper 3’s ‘Sports Bar at Home’ Mode

By CE Pro Editors · January 19, 2016 • Drawing from as many as 16 tuners, the Dish Hopper 3 can create a quad mode view on a single display that allows the homeowner to seamlessly move between full-screen mode and quad mode, and select audio from an individual channel during quad mode.

CES 2016 Booby Prizes

By Julie Jacobson · January 19, 2016 • The CES 2016 awards that no one is talking about.

5 Little Home Automation Ideas and Insights from CES 2016

By Julie Jacobson · January 18, 2016 • Why not strap a Z-Wave, ZigBee or Wi-Fi radio on the back of a Roomba to map the RF signals in a space?

AudioQuest Upgrades DragonFly, Beetle USB Stick DACs

By CE Pro Editors · January 18, 2016 • Upgraded USB stick-style DACs from AudioQuest play back any audio files from MP3 to high-res while reducing jitter and gaining compatibility with mobile devices. AudioQuest showcased the lower-power units, which are ideal for headphone use with computer audio, at CES 2016

Home Automation Hubs are Sold All Wrong

By Julie Jacobson · January 16, 2016 • Today: Buy this hub, build a smart home. Try: You know all those smart devices you already bought? Buy this hub to connect them together.

Leading Security, Home Automation Analysts Cover ADT, Bosch, Control4, More at CES 2016

By Julie Jacobson · January 15, 2016 • Leading security and home automation research and investment firm Imperial Capital highlights IoT products, trends and companies at CES 2016.

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